Ibero-American Summit 2018 Focused On Sustainable Development Group


The Ibero-American Summit took place in La Antigua Guatemala on the 15th and 16th November 2018. The motto of the summit was to encourage sustainable development in Ibero-America. One of the foremost issues focused upon was the inclusion of the Agenda 2030 and implementing the UN sustainable development goals or SDGs. All the countries involved discussed the goals to ensure a more cooperative and inclusive environment.

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The agenda was to cultivate a commonly accepted road map to achieve Agenda 2030 as well as the goals between the countries. Each of these issues has been described below in general.

1. Poverty

Poverty should be ended in all forms everywhere and steps should be taken to ensure equal distribution among people from all walks of life.

2. Eradicate Hunger

With eradicating poverty, comes the responsibility to end hunger problems and ensure food security. Sustainable agriculture and ensuring nutritious food distribution were agendas included in this goal.

3. Good Health & Wellbeing

People of all age groups should be able to ensure a healthy life for themselves.

4. Quality Of Education

Promote quality learning and enable kids to get life-long education. Stressing the importance of being educated is important.

5. Gender Equality

Empower one regardless of gender to get everything they wish for their lives. Girls/women should be able to pursue their careers freely.

6. Water Sanitation

Ensuring the availability of clean water and sustainable use of water resources. Sanitation is also an issue to be stressed upon.

7. Energy

Enable one and all to get affordability, sustainable, and affordable modern energy.

8. Economic Growth

Improving work opportunities for everyone and stable economic growth to enable the same.

9. Industrial Revolution

Foster innovation and industrialization are the key elements here. The growth of infrastructure is also important.

10. Lessen Inequality

Reduce the level of inequality prevalent among nations.

11. Communities

Communities and settlements in the cities should be resilient, inclusive, and sustainable.

12. Production

Ensuring proper and sustainable production and consumption in all nations.

13. Climate

Immediate actions need to be taken to tackle the ever-growing problems associated with the current climate changes. This is one of the most important concerns in the summit.

14. Underwater

Use all resources drawn from marine life and travel through the water-bodies in a sustainable and overcautious manner.

15. Ecosystem and Nature

Maintain a sustainable ecosystem and forests all over the world. It also includes eradicating biodiversity loss, land degradation, and desertification.

16. Society And Institutions

Sustainable and peaceful development of society, justice for all citizens, and growth of institutions at every level.

17. Partnerships

Global partnerships to achieve all goals are to be promoted.

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