How The Ibero American Summits Have Persistently Focused On Preserving Culture Through Innovation


The preservation of the local culture in each of the full member States is paramount to create a portal to the new era. Since the first Summit, the world has changed a lot and there are some newer issues to address. Read on to see which is the program in place to tackle the innovation and creation in each country while preserving local culture.

InnovaciónCiudadana – Citizen Innovation

Children in action

The program Citizen Innovation (InnovaciónCiudadana in Spanish) was put in place to change the way that citizens of different countries approach their current problems through innovation. The idea behind the organization is to remove the passive role that has been given to societies worldwide and involve them in the creation of the means to solve their own problems. Experimenting with open technologies and methodologies, the organization attempts to apply social, digital and ancestral solutions to current problems and enhance the life of the communities in the Ibero-American region.

Labs Network

scientist inside the lab during experiments

As one of the achievements of the Ibero-American Summit, the network of Citizen Innovation is crucial to solve current problems through active innovation. The network is made of initiatives and institutions that are configured as spaces for open, collaborative, and non-competitive experimenting. The members of the community gather in these spaces to work on solutions for their own reality and do it with a different logic, with no-lucrative intention. It is not easy to find nowadays any kind of organism or laboratory that will not be based upon the consumption and selling of any kind of product. The full map of the laboratories, which are 17, can be seen here.


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