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This is a blog about the Ibero-American Summit and all the things that are possible thanks to its creation. The idea of a healthy exchange between countries that have a similar cultural focus as well as the same language and share common problems is not innovational, but utterly necessary.

These days the world seems to be more connected than ever, but the gaps are growing bigger by the minute and there is very little work being done internationally to close them back again. Latin America is far away from the economic growth it has seen in the previous decade and so are Spain and Portugal. The wealthy few in both sides of the ocean are creating a parallel reality in which the gap is so big that they don´t even care for the needy and the homeless anymore.

Ibero-American Cooperation Channeling Agreements

Campus Iberoamérica

On the 24th version of the Summit all members agreed upon the creation of 200,000 scholarships for students, teachers and investigators. The idea is to share the knowledge within the region and all the professionals to hold the same level of expertise and academic formation.


El Secreto de sus Ojos

IberMedia is another project that translates words into action. The spirit of the project is to push the creative audiovisual content generated in the Ibero-America region to a new plateau of professionalism. Oscar-winning films like the Argentinian “El Secreto de sus Ojos”.

Juvenile IberOrchestras

Juvenile IberOrchestras

The spirit of this initiative is to fight violence, social exclusion and depression through music. Reaching the most vulnerable is always a matter of high priority for the Ibero-American Summit. This program is held in 14 of the 22 countries that are part of the Summit.

Ibero-Americana Summit News

The Ibero-American Cooperation: Channeling Agreements Into Action

The true challenge of the Ibero-American Summit is to translate words into facts; real actions to make the Nations involved a better place for the people living in them. These are some of the initiatives that have been put to work so far. Campus Iberoamérica On the 24th version of the Summit all members agreed […]

The Increasingly Influential Consequences Of The Ibero American Summits

Although the Summit continues to be held everytwo years, its status of importance and influence is in doubt. The appearance of other international organisms that are solely for the countries of some regions have moved the discussion of the multiple and complex issues of every region to their own, smaller version of the Summit. Read […]

Influential Consequences Of The Ibero American Summits

Most specialized media published the idea of the Ibero-American Summit losing its weight because of the embarrassing lack of presidents that attended to the Paraguay version in 2011 and the Panama one in 2013. Those years, the amount of presidents and heads of state attending was as little as half of them. According to El Pais, this could be the side-effect of the creation of the UNASUR and CELAC, which are the Union of South American Nations and the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States respectively. These organisms were created to attend the common issues of their member countries much like the Ibero-American Summit, but in a smaller version. They do not include any European countries and are strictly aimed to helping each other solve regional problems.

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To build a community, to embrace change, to foster the creation of bonds and bridges that unite both sides of the ocean and generate a new plateau of understanding and cooperation is the spirit of the Ibero-American Summit and also of this blog. We would love you to join in and tell us your stories and what you think of Ibero-American reality in the 21st Century.