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To build a community, to embrace change, to foster the creation of bonds and bridges that unite both sides of the ocean and generate a new plateau of understanding and cooperation is the spirit of the Ibero-American Summit and also of this blog. We would love you to join in and tell us your stories and what you think of Ibero-American reality in the 21st Century.

All challenges are way better faced when forces are joined and this is no exception. We urge our readers to take part in the discussion, to bring in new ideas, to leave comments, to make each post a forum of mutual understanding from which we shall all leave better than we arrived. This is the year, the decade, the century, the millennium to make Earth a more peaceful place and like the original text of the first Ibero-American Summit states: “We manifest the will to contribute united to a common future of peace, improved well-being and social equity”.

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    Join us in this quest to make the world a better place through international organisms like the Ibero-American Summit. Let´s follow its track, discuss its measures and get involved in building the needed political bridges over the Atlantic and within the Latin American Continent.