About Us

This is a blog about the Ibero-American Summit and all the things that are possible thanks to its creation. The idea of a healthy exchange between countries that have a similar cultural focus as well as the same language and share common problems is not innovational, but utterly necessary.

These days the world seems to be more connected than ever, but the gaps are growing bigger by the minute and there is very little work being done internationally to close them back again. Latin America is far away from the economic growth it has seen in the previous decade and so are Spain and Portugal. The wealthy few in both sides of the ocean are creating a parallel reality in which the gap is so big that they don´t even care for the needy and the homeless anymore.

This scenario makes it crucial for an international institution like the Ibero-American Summit to take a step forward and with concrete actions help those that are in need. Proof is that the richest population, the business people and the huge media conglomerates will not do their part to close the gap, but will continue to do the exact opposite. According to Oxfam´s predictions by the year 2025, 99% of the wealth in the region will be owned by the wealthiest 1% and the rest will divide what´s left.

These are the complex problems faced by a complex region. Language joins the countries together and also some shared cultural background, but there hasn´t been any point of similarity beyond that for centuries. While it is true that there´s an ocean in-between and a very distinct thing is to be European to Latin American, there are some strategies that could benefit both sides like boosting entrepreneurs and tourism.

An organism that can help the countries that are members help each other and receive what they need in return from countries that are like-minded is the best way to arrive to a better future. Social inequality in South America has become one of the main issues in the last years, one that can´t be resolved from within. The role of the international organisms can prove to be crucial to even things in favor of those who need it more and stop the wealth accumulation that leads to violence, increased crime rates and social instability.

To make the world a better place, to act as a united block towards the United Nations, to foster commerce, tourism, collaboration and learning among countries that share language and a like-minded approach to problem-solving, that is the spirit of the Ibero-American Summit and Organization and such is the huge task they have before them and in years to come. Because of that, it is important to keep track of all actions, initiatives, and programs where us, like world citizen that we are, can make a contribution, even if it is minimal.

This is the story, the insights and the facts of the road to a better world.