The Ibero-American Cooperation: Channeling Agreements Into Action


The true challenge of the Ibero-American Summit is to translate words into facts; real actions to make the Nations involved a better place for the people living in them. These are some of the initiatives that have been put to work so far.

Campus Iberoamérica

Campus Iberoamérica

On the 24th version of the Summit all members agreed upon the creation of 200,000 scholarships for students, teachers and investigators. The idea is to share the knowledge within the region and all the professionals to hold the same level of expertise and academic formation regardless of their country of origin (within Ibero-América, of course). The plan is to reach the number 200,000 by the year 2020. All the Full Members are involved in this initiative.


IberMedia is another project that translates words into action. The spirit of the project is to push the creative audiovisual content generated in the Ibero-America region to a new plateau of professionalism.

Oscar-winning films like the Argentinian “El Secreto de sus Ojos” were backed by this movement among another 1,600 great pieces of content.

This year´s San Sebastian´s Film Festival will feature eleven movies that have been backed up by this initiative. 19 of the 22 members have applied this project in their countries.

Juvenile IberOrchestras

Juvenile IberOrchestras

The spirit of this initiative is to fight violence, social exclusion and depression through music. Reaching the most vulnerable is always a matter of high priority for the Ibero-American Summit. This program is held in 14 of the 22 countries that are part of the Summit. Among some of the accomplished objectives, Juvenile IberOrchestras has made scholarships, exchanges between different countries, academic formation, integration of ethnics and visibility a way of fighting against poverty.


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